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Equal Employment Opportunity


Please review the information below and then return to the workplace harassment and violence prevention course.


Applicable Laws

The primary Manitoba law prohibiting employment discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of any protected ground is the Manitoba Human Rights Code.

The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation prohibits harassment and violence in the workplace.

Protected Grounds

Harassment or discrimination based on any ground set forth below is prohibited in Manitoba.

  • Ancestry, including race and colour
  • Nationality
  • Ethnic origin
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Sex, including sex determined characteristics such as pregnancy
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Marital or family status
  • Source of income
  • Political belief
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Social disadvantage

Some provincial or territorial laws provide additional, separate standards and remedies for certain prohibited conduct, such as laws addressing equal pay without regard to sex or other protected ground.

Definitions of Harassment and Violence

Harassment includes a course of abusive and unwelcome conduct or comment undertaken or made on the basis of any protected characteristic, a series of objectionable and unwelcome sexual solicitations or advances, or a sexual solicitation or advance made by a person who is in a position to confer any benefit on, or deny any benefit to, the recipient of the solicitation or advance, if the person making the solicitation or advance knows or ought reasonably to know that it is unwelcome, or (d) a reprisal or threat of reprisal for rejecting a sexual solicitation or advance.

Violence is the attempted or actual exercise of physical force against a person and any threatening statement or behaviour that gives a person reasonable cause to believe that physical force will be used against the person

Filing a Claim in Manitoba

A claim for employment discrimination or harassment based on a protected ground may be filed with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

A claim related to workplace violence, including harassment, may be filed with SAFE Work Manitoba.

Retaliation Prohibited

Employer retaliation against an employee who files a complaint relating to harassment or workplace violence or is involved in the complaint process is unlawful.